Founded in 2008 in Levis, Canada by long-time toxophilites (archery passionates), TOXOFIL Inc. is a custom archery apparel company dedicated to the satisfaction of its customers. Our mission is to provide premium quality, full custom archery team uniforms delivered on time at a very competitive price.

In an effort to reduce our physical and environmental footprint, as well as our operating costs, TOXOFIL remains completely 'virtual'. We don't have any physical offices, retail stores or warehouses. We ship factory direct. We believe that it is for the better as we can offer lower prices for great products and even better customer service, all resulting from a more simplified, lower consumption approach.

We, of course, are a group of 'real people', designers and customer service representatives located globally. We work as a team in a completely flexible environment, any time, anywhere...and we LOVE what we do!



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